SC2ALLin1 mod for Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Beta in Linux with Wine-1.2-rc4 and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (32 bits)

The Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Beta is currently on hold but some nice people have taken the effort too create a mod so you can play against the computer without connecting to First I tried the easy way. Installing wine with aptitude. Then downloaded and installed the game. The game run so i tried installing the mod…

The current release of Wine in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is 1.1.42. The current latest version of Wine is 1.2. That version had a fix for a bug that stopped me from running the AI mod in the first place so I figured out to just compile from source again:

a: Download Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Desktop 32 bits from and Install it
b: Boot your new fresh OS and update the NVIDIA hardware drivers: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers > Choose [Recommended] Driver, click Activate
c: Reboot your PC to get the new graphics driver activated.

1: Install Wine from source and patch it so it still works after patch 16:

sudo aptitude install git-core build-essential -y
sudo apt-get build-dep wine -y
git clone git:// ~/winesourcecode
cd ~/winesourcecode
wget -q -O - | patch -p1
tools/make_requests && ./configure && make depend && make
sudo make install

2: Download winetricks. Use it too install extra software Wine needs to run the mod. You need to click Accept a few times. I had to try a few before it worked, so some could be removed.

cd ~/.wine/drive_c
sh winetricks gecko fontfix allfonts corefonts mono20 mono22 mono24 mono26 vcrun2008 vcrun2005 vb6run dotnet20 gdiplus d3dx9 cabextract ie7

3: Download the Starcraft II Beta Wings of Liberty game installer from first and start it to download the game content. When the download is ready click the Install button and use this installation folder: C:\Program Files\Starcraft 2 Beta

wine ~/Downloads/StarCraft_2_Beta_enGB.exe

4: When the Installation is completed you can download the AI mod files. Note that the AI files (loader and maps) are not from Blizzard. Reference:

sudo aptitude install unrar -y
mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/StarCraft\ II\ Beta/aimod
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/StarCraft\ II\ Beta/aimod
wine SC2ALLin1_setup966.exe
unrar e New_Official_Maps.rar
mv *.s2ma ~/.wine/drive_c/users/slickeel/My\ Documents/StarCraft\ II\ Beta/Maps/

Be sure to change slickeel to your username!

5: Start your new AI mod:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Starcraft\ 2\ Beta/SC2ALLin1/SC2ALLin1.exe

A personal suggestion:

* Choose the Desert Oasis map and click Select map
* Put the human on Location 1
* Set the human Race to Terran
* Click launch
* Build 3 scv’s
* Build supply depot
* Build barracks
* Build refinary
* Put 3 scv’s on refinery
* Choose barracks and press X for tech lab
* Choose techlab and upgrade Reaper Speed
* Build another supply depot
* Build more scv’s
* Pump some Reapers
* Attack your enemy from the top by jumping right into their minerals line

Ofcourse, if they dont rush into you first!



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11 Responses to SC2ALLin1 mod for Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Beta in Linux with Wine-1.2-rc4 and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (32 bits)

  1. dwarfaz says:

    Thanks for your howto.

    I managed to launch and play the game using binary package of wine 1.2-rc4:

    and installing dotnet20 only 😉
    sh winetricks fontfix corefonts dotnet20

    have fun !

  2. Tedward says:

    I can confirm it works correctly on 32 bit and 64 bit Slackware 13.1 with multilib. Make sure the cabextract package is installed before doing the winetricks.

    Before the fonts can be installed in winetricks oriya fonts must be uninstalled… it is figured out about half way down this page:

    If an error comes up when installing the fonts saying there is a problem with the liberation-fonts-1.04.tar.gz, just google this file and put it into your ~/.winetrickscache folder and it will work.

    Working very nicely with wine1.2-rc5 and with all the winetricks installed properly, I didn’t try the very minimal winetricks install like dwarfaz did, but it works flawlessly.


    Abrir o winetricks pelo terminal e instalei isto por ele :

    gecko fontfix allfonts corefonts mono20 mono22 mono24 mono26 vcrun2008 vcrun2005 vb6run dotnet20 gdiplus d3dx9 ie7

    O cabextract aparentemente já estava instalado no ubuntu 10.04 I386

    E outra coisa que tive que fazer foi criar uma pasta dentro da pasta do wine bem assim :

    /home/cesar/.wine/drive_c/Arquivos de programas/Starcraft 2 Beta/SC2ALLin1

    Isto porque eu não deixei o meu starcraft instalado pelo wine , eu rodei o mesmo que usava no windows seven

    Depois de colocar os launcher ali dentro da pasta “Starcraft 2 Beta “ e mudar o nome da pasta do launcher para exatamente este nome “SC2ALLin1” ,bastou eu dar 2 cliques em cima do arquivo “SC2ALLin1.exe” e fazer as configurações normais do launcher , como localizar lugar dos mapas e etc .

    Agora já está tudo como é bem dizer no windows e é só tacar ficha , só que aqui no meu computador tive que deixar tudo no minimo para o jogo fluir .

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